Civil Construction

Civil Construction

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What we deliver in Civil Construction

AS-BUILTS – you install it, communicate to us where you have installed it and we will generate for you a Professional As-Built for you to provide to your Client, i.e. Auckland Council, Engineer etcetera…

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What we deliver in Civil Construction:

  • Understand your Scope of Work and define your initial thinking

  • Corridor Access Request (CAR) – Auckland Transport approval/consent when working on their land, i.e. between private boundaries

  • B4UDIG requests – existing service obstruction plans and we organise on-site mark outs for you and ourselves

  • Resource consent applications and we can also provide on-site approved Arborists

  • New Zealand Transport Association (NZTA) service agreements – negotiation, submittal and approval

  • Traffic management plans – plans prepared for you and ourselves – site specific – all levels of roads

  • Traffic management execution – shoulder closures, contra flows, lane closures and stop/go

  • Trenching – specialty excavator operators for piloting in/around existing services and expose holes around large utility assets to enable drilling/thrusting

  • Chain trenching – within greenfields or subdivisions, i.e. not around existing service obstructions

  • Chambers, pits and manholes – fibre, data, power, sewer and stormwater

  • Jointing and turning pits for all utility assets

  • Oversized excavations – we can organise bespoke (made to order) trench shields and /or batter or bench for everyone’s safety – we also notify WORKSAFE of our work sites and intent

  • Removal and disposal of both unsuitable and contaminated spoil

  • Final reinstatement – soft (topsoil/grass seed) and hard (concrete, hotmix or decorative pavers) surfaces

How can we help?

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