Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling

How can we help?

Drilling we do on a Weekly Basis

  • Replacing leaky water mains

  • Sewer and stormwater (drainage) – gradient (angle) and percentage (level) shots

  • Undergrounding of essential house services, i.e. power, telecom, water and gas sleeves

  • De-watering problem wet areas, i.e. under houses, pools, sections or embankments

  • We focus on being a ‘ZERO STRIKE’ point of difference company and to this point we are ‘PROUD’

How we enable Drilling and Thrusting

  • Project Scope of Work and initial thinking (to help us understand what you want)

  • Corridor Access Request (CAR) – Auckland Transport approval/consent when working on their land, i.e. between private boundaries

  • B4UDIG requests – existing service obstruction plans and we organise on-site mark outs for you and ourselves

  • Excavate (specialty operators) to expose existing services and create entry and exit holes to enable drilling

  • Resource consent preparation, approval and on-site approved Arborists

  • New Zealand Transport Agreement (NZTA) Service Agreements (SA)

  • Traffic management plans – plans prepared for you and ourselves – site specific – all levels of roads

  • Traffic management execution – shoulder closures, contra flows, lane closures and stop/go

  • Directional drilling of both PE pipes and PVC ducts – 20mm up to 560mm – Power, Water , Gas, Telecom, Sewer & Stormwater

  • Blow ribbon (draw wire) for hauling purposes and end cap for internal protection

  • Final reinstatement – hard (concrete, hotmix and pavers) and soft (topsoil/grass seed) surfaces

How can we help?

Speak to one of our friendly adventure consultants who would love to help you out.