Project management

Project management

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Why has STL adopted a project management approach?

  • To create an organised framework around what is key to our business ‘Our People’

  • Ensure that project tasks are completed safely and quality requirements are met

  • Ensure that safety is paramount and ‘continuous’ quality will ensure future business

  • Through our experience and professionalism focus on delivering top notch everyday/routine work

  • Thoroughly plan our work to reduce the number of tasks that could be overlooked

  • Eliminate duplication of our effort

  • Ensure that our projects are in control

  • Maximise the use of our available resources through working together smartly

How does STL judge a successful project?

  • STL’s customer is satisfied or delighted with the project progress, communication and completed project

  • The project team has stayed within the budget through finishing tasks on time

  • The project team have increased their skills and knowledge as a result of the project

  • The entire STL business has benefited from the lessons learned created by the project team

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