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& Competencies – Non-Office (Field)
& Office

  • Under direct supervision, is not competent (watch all the time)
  • Under supervision, is partially competent (line of sight)
  • Indirect or occasional supervision, is partially competent (supervision nearby)
  • Fully competent to work unsupervised
  • Competent to train

Andrew Coombes

GM Competency: 4/5 – Civil + Drill + Traffic + Admin: Office Only)

In May 2002 Andrew (a Proud Product of the Waikato) joined Scot Thrust. With a Master of Project Management degree, Andrew brought with him a practical approach to business through people-focused management and service delivery.

Call 021 484 404 Email andrew@scotthrust.co.nz

Jackie Acott

Office Manager (Competency: 4/5 – Office + Admin)

In June 2005 Jackie (our treasured Zimbabwean import) joined Scot Thrust. Jackie has over 8 years’ experience in Accounting and Office Management and over 15 years’ experience in Secretarial and Administration.

Call 021 137 8321 Email jackie@scotthrust.co.nz

Joe (Little Joe) George

Civil Traffic Manager - (Competency: 4/5 – Civil + Drill)

In May 1995 Joe (hails from The King Country-Te Kuiti) joined Scot Thrust. Joe holds NZQA Civil Supervisors Certificate – Joe manages a wide range of civil construction projects – inclusive of directional..

Call 021 970 916 Email liljoe@scotthrust.co.nz

Adam Davies

Traffic Manager - (Competency: 4/5 Traffic)

In February 2021 Adam (our East Coast Bays boy) returned to Scot Thrust. Adam has over 14 years’ experience and very passionate about the Traffic, Civil and Drilling industry. He started his career at Scot Thrust, left to explore the world and has since returned as the chosen one. He has recently completed the NZTA approved TTM Planner course.

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